A Shift in Gears


Recently, that is over the past 8 or so months, I have managed to keep a regular monthly post habit featuring usually a topic related to a solution I either created or sought to resolve. This effort was partially due to my employment and partially because I wanted to continue to provide useful, beneficial information on how I have addressed issues with a hope that others would not have to run into the same walls and issues that I had.

However, things change and I find that now I will be returning to posting my blog series and focus articles back here on my personal blog site, with the same intent as before: to help anyone who may need it to benefit from my blood, sweat, and tears in wrangling a working, viable solution out of SharePoint, especially if code did not have to be involved. Because my transition period has been intense and involved, I have not had the normal opportunity of building out a post for this month. But since these posts will now fall back on my personal site, I’ll be sure to rectify that shortfall in the next month as well as to continue to be as regular as possible in the future.

For those of you who have read my material, I hope it’s been as enjoyable to use as it was to share.

In any case, stay tuned!

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Customizing the User Search Experience

In this last post of the series, we examine methods available to customize the user Search experience in an Enterprise Search Center to achieve our solution.

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Limiting a Search by Scope

In this post, we examine the nature of the Search Scope, Search Scope Rules, and Display Groups, and how all three apply to our targeted search solution.

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Targeting and Finding Content in SharePoint 2010

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Building a Search Structure

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Examining a Targeted Search Solution

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Word Problems: Security and Terms in SharePoint 2010

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